Professional Learning and Support

Digital Technologies & STEAM

In 2020 the new Digital Technologies Curriculum must be implemented across teaching and learning in all schools. This is moving away from Digital Technologies in a stand-alone capacity and working towards integrating technology into all aspects of the curriculum. There has been alot of talk about STEM  – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, over the last couple of years but now it is important to include the arts in here as well. This isnt just the visual arts but humanities, digital citizenship, responsibility in our changing world.

Our Changing World

The speed that our world is changing seems to increase daily. The jobs we are preparing our children for, have, in many cases, not even been invented yet. We need to prepare children to be global citizens, to question, problem solve, be critical thinkers.

Supporting your Teachers

To this end, we need to ensure teachers have the skills to facilitate this learning with their students. 
At KiwiSchools we support teachers through workshops and in-class sessions, to ensure they are ready to implement this curriculum within their own teaching.

    What do we teach?

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Unpacking the Digital Curriculum

  • Google Suite for Education 

  • Hapara (Teacher Dashboard, Highlights and Workspace)

  • Robotics and Coding

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